Exploring the Neighborhoods of San Francisco


About a month ago I took a quick weekend getaway trip to San Francisco with my mom as part of her Christmas gift from me (did someone say best daughter award?). We made our way into the city the first day with a packed agenda to see all the tourist highlights and eat all the good food. Whenever I travel anywhere I do some extensive research into the best places to eat, especially when it is a short trip – ain’t nobody got time to waste on a bad meal. My foodie investigation paid off, because we had some incredible meals, treats and drinks in our short trip. Let me walk you through our weekend.

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HelloFresh Review


When meal delivery subscription boxes first became all the rave, I was pretty skeptical. I mean seriously meat and produce delivered at my door? How does that even work?! Plus, for $60+ for most subscriptions I just wasn’t willing to fork over the cash to try this mystery box of meals – especially when most of them originally never allowed you to choose which meals you wanted, they just sent you a random selection that they picked for you. But, things have changed my friends and I gave in and I am absolutely in love with these subscription boxes.

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String Bean Beef Stir Fry


I love a good stir fry. They are chalked full of flavor, protein and veggies and can be a really great healthier alternative to a traditionally unhealthy type of food. Chinese takeout is great and all, but it’s usually packed with fat and sugar…that’s probably why it’s so delicious. If you want to satisfy your Chinese food cravings but not sabotage your diet, try this string bean and beef stir fry.

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Taco Casserole


Being from the Midwest, I’ve learned how to turn everything into a casserole. Seriously, pans filled with a hodge-podge of ingredients (and almost always filled with tons of cheese) and tossed into the oven are the staple of a Midwestern supper (yes I said supper, not dinner). This casserole is one of those dishes that takes me straight back to my childhood. My mom used to make this pretty regularly and I never once complained. In fact, I almost always went back for seconds….even thirds. It’s basically a Mexican lasagna and I can’t think of anything better than layers of beefy taco goodness.

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Eating Our Way Through New Orleans


I went to Nawlins and ate my way through the entire city and my only regret is not smuggling an endless supply of beignets back in my suitcase. Sure, the south is notoriously known for their delicious and greasy fried food, but the Big Easy offers so much more. From the VooDoo culture, to the hurricanes and take your drink to-go cups, to the French influences that weave their way into the architecture and food, its no wonder why people love this city (me included!). Continue reading “Eating Our Way Through New Orleans”

The Cottage – La Jolla


San Diego has no shortage of awesome breakfast spots and The Cottage is definitely a local and tourist favorite. After more than a year and a half of living here I still had never been so a few weeks ago I made the short trip up to La Jolla with a friend and gave it a try. It was a weekday morning and I’m not going to sugarcoat it, the wait was horrendous (and I hear that that’s pretty normal for here). We waited nearly an hour but were finally seated and in the best spot on the patio to boot – score! Continue reading “The Cottage – La Jolla”